About Us

Yash Management & Satellite Ltd. (YMSL) has very long history and strong business background of three decades. The Company’s main business activities are indigenous wholesale trading and merchant imports & exports especially in agriculture produces like food grains, pulses, oil seeds etc. and metals including copper, iron, semi-precious metals, precious metals, textile products and all type of industrial products

Yash Management & Satellite Ltd. is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) since the year 1994 with more than 7000 shareholders

Company has broadened its business activities by entering into manufacturing activities. The Company has set-up manufacturing unit of packaging products & materials through its subsidiary, Sudarshan Polyfab Private Limited (SPPL).

Company is holding 61% stake in Equity Share Capital of SPPL. This investment in new subsidiary will leverage the growth opportunities in the evolving industrial space and will help YMSL in becoming more focused and agile. The objects of investment in SPPL are to expand business horizon and consequently it will increase its business operations and profitability of the Company (YMSL) which will ultimately increase the value and investment of our stakeholders.

Our vision is to become a major indigenous trading house and merchant’s import and export hub.

p> While in manufacturing activity, we aim to become a key market player in polymer packaging industry around the globe